Monday, July 25, 2011

As It Was Meant To Be

One morning recently, I was repairing a 1930’s model home for an older lady in town. This day, I had to do some electrical rewiring in the attic. 

I was dreading the work because it was going to be hot. And, that old insulation, and the dust that went with it, had been there for many decades. 

As I started up the ladder into the attic, I prayed silently, "Lord, would you help me with this." I had in my mind that He would simply help me to work efficiently and get out of that attic as quickly as possible. But, it eventually became apparent that He had a different level of help in mind.

Anyway, I headed up the ladder and through a small hole in the ceiling into the mostly dark attic. As I started carefully across the beams, I aimed for the dim light that was struggling to get through a vent in a gable of the attic. It was really just barely enough to guide me to the spot where I was to work in front of that vent. So, I had brought a small flash light along for that reason.

As I arrived at the spot where the wiring job was located, I realized that I needed one more hand. So, I stuck the flashlight in my mouth and started to do the work with my "other" two hands. 

Somewhere about the middle of the process, however, my "mouth hand" dropped the flash (I was probably trying to talk to myself). The flashlight then headed straight down, at terminal velocity, into that old insulation and the dust that coated it. 

I winced in anticipation of the cloud that was about to envelope my face. I know, I should have had a dust mask. But they don’t do a lot of good if you have a beard. And yep - I have a beard. And besides, how could you possibly hold a flashlight in your 3rd hand if you're wearing a dust mask.

In any case, just as I thought it would, the flashlight hit the insulation and up toward me came this toxic cloud. I closed my eyes and prepared to hold my breath to stave off this "dust plague" that was heading right for me. 

But just at that instant, a quick breeze came barreling through the small vent. As a result, the dust cloud was pushed away from me; and it merely dissipated over a much wider area. It was as if the breath of God had simply blown it away.

As I thought about what had happened, tears filled my eyes. I realized that God had, indeed, heard my prayer on the ladder, had accompanied me into that attic, and had done exactly what I asked Him to do - He helped me. It was all but emotionally overwhelming to think that the Ruler of the universe would be willing to "breath" on my circumstance in such a simple, and intimate, and protective way.

I know that there are those who would quickly say, "Oh, that was coincidence," to whom I would confidently answer, "No - that was God." He was just, one more time, faithfully fulfilling the promise that Christ brings to humanity.

It's the promise that is implicit to the resurrection. It is the promise of the restoration of a daily intimacy with God that was lost in Adam and Eve. It is the promise of a deep and intimate friendship with God that not only impacts our destiny, but our days. It is the promise of once again being able to truly know and deeply experience our Creator in our everyday reality.

There is a word used in the New Testament that perfectly describes this wonderful access that Christ brings. In the Greek, it is "ginosco." It means "a deep and intimate knowing."  And, that is exactly the joy and privilege that has been restored to humanity through Christ.

Certainly, it has become widely acceptable among modern believers to compartmentalize God . The idea is to maintain some distance so that God becomes merely one part of the larger composite that is our daily life. 
But, the reality which Christ empowers is a God presence which becomes the organizing energy throughout the whole of our life. 

What an inestimable blessing to be in perfect and constant league with Almighty God, to have a beautifully integrated existence with Him that plays out as a fulfilling daily impact. Who could conceive of anything more wonderful, more securing.

And, indeed, it is a wonderful thing to have a God who goes to work with you, and who chooses to be a helpful part of all that you do there. It is wonderful to have a God who is willing to take you through life’s storms in His graceful arms. It is really pretty amazing to have a God who brings healing to your "brokenness" in a thousand ways through His loving daily input.

Most any right thinking person would have to declare such a thing, "absolutely spectacular!" How could we not on those days when we see His brightness disperse the dark clouds of our emotions and even our reality. 

And certainly, it is so meaningful to share private moments of perfect peace with Him as His restoring daily gift to us. Such are the ways of "ginosco." Such are the blessings of walking in harmony with a God who numbers the very hairs of our head.

It is true that some in this wayward world arrogantly insist on seeing God as an intruder to their right of self determination. How sad. 

And how tragically deluded and misinformed they are. In fact, He is the perfect expression of perfect love. And, being so, He always brings the willing to their highest good by the best method of all: shared days of deeply meaningful companionship.
That divine companionship was the promise that I was given, and that all are given, in Christ. And every single day of my life, I experience the verity of that promise in His presence. 

I hear his voice of direction, and comfort, and correction, and encouragement. I sense His constant care. And sometimes I even feel his loving breath as it blows the "harmful dust" out of my life.

Oh no, it's not a coincidence - it’s God. And He is no intruder to my life. He is my God and my Friend. And such is redemption - as it was always meant to be.