Larry On: Education and Ministry

Education and Letters:  I have been in the ministry since 1978.  I am an ordained minister in a very balanced, well-respected, world-wide denomination.  I do not mention the name of that denomination on this website only to prevent “wall-building” and stereotyping. My formal degree is in Biblical Literature and Pastoral Ministry. 

Pilgrim Ministries was born in the mid 1980's as my personal speaking and writing ministry. The ministry is still very vital and growing today.  

The Back 40 Museum has now become the Internet Headquarters and a very important platform of Pilgrim Ministries.  

Ministry Background and Philosophy: At present, I have experienced  45 years of varied ministry involvements including pastoral ministry, prison ministry, church development, the production of denominational Sunday School lessons, the writing of newspaper articles, spiritual guidance books, and presently, The Back 40 Museum Website with its connected blogs.

And through it all, I have continued to respond to God's primary impress upon my own heart.  And that urgent passion is to constantly pursue updated and clarifying language and frames of reference which will produce an accurate and coherent understanding in the mind of people when it comes to spiritual concepts – especially, the basic concepts of Christian Redemption.  
Thus, for these many years, I have practiced, with some intensity, the fine art of making plain, the abstracts of Christian Redemption.

So, my purpose at Pilgrim Ministries and The Back 40 Museum is not to redefine the “redemptive rose.” Rather, as the great playwright intimated, it is simply to cast it in the more relevant and vibrant light of contemporary language and thought - and that, only to be able to more effectively advertise the wonder of it all to a larger sphere. 

Very obviously, even a clear and accurate awareness of God's redemptive process does not guarantee a response. However, a lack of awareness does, indeed, guarantee a lack of response. Thus, Pilgrim Ministries, and The Back 40 Museum, are entirely defined by that reality.  

So, every morning I wake up with one ambition, the priority of which supersedes all others.  It is to shine the light of intelligent understanding on God's love as expressed through that wondrous, and truly redemptive thing which Jesus has done and is doing for our world - on a very personalized basis.