Larry on The Back 40

The Back 40 Museum is both a whimsical and a serious place. As you explore the museum you will typically encounter many fanciful exhibits which are essentially just interesting "fluff." They are merely intended to give the visitor a pleasant and more or less mentally effortless pause. These exhibits are viewed in a way similar to the way one would view a magazine as you casually flip through its pages while waiting for your turn to get your hair trimmed.

On the other hand, the museum also involves some much deeper intellectual and emotional waters. Many of the articles, essays, short-stories, and books that you will find in the reading rooms are not at all "fluffy." They have some serious and universally important stuff to say about the human journey. Especially in Reading Rooms 1, 3, and 4 is this true.

For example, in The Bookstore, one can find the book, Spiritual Dynamics: The Metaphysical Realities Explained. This book is a plain language, explanation of how the Christian Redemptive Process actually transforms the human character essence, and in turn, elevates the quality of one's here-and-now life and assures the life to come.

A study of this book will be truly impactful to both long-time Christians and anyone who is simply curious about God and His ways and purposes. Indeed, a memorable impact from this book is all but guaranteed, simply because it makes the abstracts of the metaphysical dimension quite clear - even to the uninitiated.

So, you choose - fanciful or serious. The Back 40 Museum has both.  And, it is constantly expanding and changing its exhibits, making the museum a great "go-to" place for repeated and leisurely explorations. So please, come often and stay long. Observe, read, ponder, laugh, be challenged, and surprised, and informed.