Larry on: The Back 40 Museum

In the southern U.S. at least, the phrase, "the back forty" has simply come to be a cute way to indicate, "some sprawling distance."  Thus, in the case of The Back 40 Museum, it is intended to convey the  sprawling distance involved in the life and times of, well, me -Larry Burnett.  

Viewed across their distance, the life and the times of all people are complex and multi-dimensional.  And, my life is certainly no different.  

So, The Back 40 Museum is essentially just a well-suited and convenient viewing platform for that complexity.  It simply affords you, the visitor, the option to glympse a more detailed picture of the times, the people, the experiences, and the thoughts which have shaped, and, even now still shape, my individual identity and influence.

But, why would those things even be important?  Well, in one sense, they are not important at all.  The world was surviving long before Larry Burnett came along.  And likely, except for my family and friends, it will not even notice when I am gone.  

But, in another sense, my life does, indeed, have special value.  It is that same value which is shared across the entire human family.  Indeed, each of us is a completely unique pixel in the larger human picture.  And, that picture is really not complete without the color and definition that each of us contributes, individually, as our part. 

And so, we post on Facebook.  And, we keep journals and diaries.  Or, we carve our name in the bark of a tree, or spray paint it on the side of a train car.  We do these things because we know.  Intuitively, we know that our very unique contribution is supposed to matter to this larger thing of which we are a part. 

So, let me just say, I don't actually have a Facebook account, but I am so very happy to welcome you to, The Back 40 Museum.  I think you'll find that it is, indeed, a very unique place.  And, hopefully you will experience some positive contribution to your life while you are here.  

I sincerely hope The Back 40 surprises you as one of those places we sometimes discover in a place where we did not expect to discover them - only to find that we're really glad we did.